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At PetraSources we collaborate with a wide variety of energy industry clients to procure products and services supplied by companies that engage in or support upstream oil, gas and geothermal activities. Procurement outsourcing is often undertaken to improve the execution and control of delivery times. In doing so companies can realize reduced supply and operational costs, improved compliance and enhanced performance and cycle times. 

WHO WE ARE! PetraSources is a specialized organization with resources exclusively committed to the needs of the energy industry. We are equipment facilitators who work with both buyers and sellers to provide and fulfill the needs of both at a competitive price and within a reasonable amount of time.

WHAT WE DO! We guide and assist our clients in defining and selection of their equipment needs, minimizing the time and costs associated with each, consistent with common sense and sound business practices. We are focused on quality customer service at point of delivery, and on-going account management.

WHERE ARE WE NOW! As marketing and distribution partner we work hard to promote the brands in our portfolio ensuring growth of market share for our suppliers and excellent customer service to our clients.

OUR COMMITMENT! The single most important factor in our company's success is our commitment to knowing you and your business. We hold firmly to a simple belief that "we provide the best products on the market along with the highest possible customer service". It is the strength of these commitments, religiously followed, that has led to our success.


INFORMATION GATHERING: If our customer does not already have an established relationship with sales/marketing functions of suppliers of needed products and services (P/S), we will search for suppliers who can satisfy their requirements.

SUPPLIER CONTACT: When one or more suitable suppliers have been identified, requests for quotation, requests for proposals, request for information or requests for tender may be advertised, or direct contact may be made with the suppliers.

BACKGROUND REVIEW: References for product/service quality are consulted, and any requirements for follow-up services including installation, maintenance, and warranty are investigated. Samples of the P/S being considered may be examined, or trials undertaken.

NEGOTIATION: Negotiations are undertaken, and price, availability, and customization possibilities are established. Delivery schedules are negotiated, and a contract to acquire the P/S is completed.

FULFILLMENT: Supplier preparation, expediting, shipment, delivery, and payment for the P/S are completed, based on contract terms. Installation and training may also be included.

CONSUMPTION, MAINTENANCE, AND DISPOSAL: During this phase, we evaluate the performance of the P/S and any accompanying service support, as they are consumed.

RENEWAL: When the P/S has been consumed and/or disposed of, the contract expires, or the product or service is to be re-ordered, company experience with the P/S is reviewed. If the P/S is to be re-ordered, we will determine whether to consider other suppliers or to continue with the same supplier.

TENDER NOTIFICATION: Some buyers choose to use a notification service in order to raise the competition for the chosen opportunity. These systems can either be direct from their e-tendering software, or as a re-packaged notification from PetraSources.