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Today more than ever, companies must ensure that they spend money wisely and eliminate waste and abuse. With more dollars going to suppliers, it is imperative that supplier actions result in the best value for their business. PetraSources plays a central role in shaping these policies and practices used to acquire the goods and services needed to carry out these responsibilities. We provide industry-wide procurement services that promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in the acquisition process.

What should you expect from working with us?

  • We provide access to equipment across the world
  • We are committed to providing exceptional service
  • Our experts will help find the equipment that is right for you
  • We are accessible seven days a week 

At PetraSources we believe:

Commercially developed equipment reduces risk with performance, schedule and cost by yielding more predicted functionality, producibility and reliability. That is, the unknowns have been reduced through iterative design, development and use. In other words, fewer surprises can be expected.

Open competition with multiple suppliers allows for the consideration of the largest number of possible solutions as well as the most dependable sources.

Commercial support and sustainment should reduce cost and lead time for support because the design/development and production supplier has developed the know-how, technical data, and sources for the system being supported and additional value chain links with their related cost and time do not have to be added.