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How to Contact Purchasing

The opportunity to learn about new supplier products and services is key to increasing PetraSources competitiveness. Since communicating such valuable information benefits both the supplier and PetraSources, we?d like to suggest the most effective method of assuring the successful consideration of your company as follows:

*Begin by creating a detailed online profile of your business capabilities using PetraSources electronic Supplier Intake Tool. This profile will become immediately accessible to PetraSources global purchasing community through a convenient search interface. The Supplier Intake Tool will be the primary mechanism used by Purchasing for identification of qualified suppliers.

*Secondary contact can be made by mailing brochures, reports or product literature which describe your company's products and services to the appropriate purchasing location. Your information and inquires will be directed to the specific buyer(s) responsible for purchasing the materials/services you are marketing. Responses will be made and/or meeting will be scheduled by buyers as appropriate.

*Always make appointments in advance when planning a visit to a PetraSources site to ensure an opportunity to meet with the appropriate purchasing personnel.