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Invoicing Requirements For On-Time, Accurate Payments

PetraSources makes payments against valid original invoices. Following PetraSources invoice requirements will ensure that invoices are paid in accordance to the negotiated contract terms.

Purchase Order (PO) Requirements:

  • The supplier’s full, legal company name is on the PO.
  • All terms are correct and the PO and invoice match perfectly on:
  • Payment terms
  • Freight terms
  • Tax status and rate
  • Terms will be determined between the supplier and buyer at the time of order placement and clearly noted on the face of the PO.
  • All line item information is correct and the PO and invoice match perfectly:
  • Item description
  • Unit of measure and quantity
  • Unit price
  • Supplier part numbers
  • PetraSources pays based on the information and terms on the Purchase Order. THE INVOICE MUST FOLLOW THE PURCHASE ORDER EXACTLY. Notify the buyer of any changes or discrepancies prior to invoicing so that the Purchase Order can be corrected before the shipment is received. Inconsistencies will result in your invoice being returned and/or payment being delayed.

Submit Complete and Accurate Invoices:

  • Include the PO number on the invoice.
  • Mail the invoice to the "bill-to" address on the PO or sumbit electronically.
  • Invoices WILL NOT be paid against closed POs. For questions on PO status, contact your buyer.

Ensure Accurate Receiving:

  • Goods must be received at an PetraSources Receiving dock.
  • Packing Slip must have a valid PO number and must exactly match the PO.

Intel Payment Terms:

Payment terms are calculated from the later of the following:

1. Actual delivery date when goods are received at PetraSources,

2. The date a valid, original invoice is received at Accounts Payable

W-9 Requirements:

In order for new suppliers to receive payment, PetraSources MUST have a valid W-9 Form on file for 1099 tax reporting purposes. To obtain a form call (661) 808-7956 and then fax the form back to us.

To comply with IRS requirements, PetraSources will not remit payments until your completed W-9 is on file.