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Purchasing's Strategic Objectives

Our purchasing organization is the focal point for all contacts with suppliers concerning the commitment of company funds for materials and services. It is instrumental in establishing and managing effective supplier relationships. It is Purchasing’s responsibility to locate and maintain the best source of supply. Our mutual success depends on every supplier supporting us in achieving the following strategic objectives:

Total Quality

In order to achieve excellence and customer satisfaction worldwide, our focus must be on continuous improvement in the quality of all products, processes and services. PetraSources and its suppliers must strive to examine and improve all of the systems by which we get things done. By making our suppliers an integral part of our overall quality process, we can supply better products right from the start.

In order to improve product cost and performance, PetraSources and its suppliers must consider all factors, which combined make up the true value of the materials, equipment, and services being purchased. Joint efforts to identify value and maximize results are the basis for intelligent buying decisions and will ensure higher quality at lower total cost.

Supplier Collaboration

Our success in achieving Total Quality depends on viewing suppliers as a valuable extension of our own business. Our goal in purchasing is to build long-term business relationships with a select group of suppliers who share our total quality vision by consistently delivering the highest quality products and services. Ultimately, this focus means selecting fewer, higher quality suppliers.


Suppliers must be responsive to the rapid changes in design and manufacturing strategies. Reducing the time it takes to deliver materials and services to our facilities helps to bring products to market sooner and to reduce inventory exposure for both PetraSources and our suppliers. The speed of technological changes drives our need for reduced cycle times, shorter lead-times, 100% defect-free materials, and on-time delivery.