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Purchasing Organization

Our purchasing organization is linked to a centralized operation responsible for establishing strategic objectives and deploying resources. This structure allows Purchasing great flexibility in responding to the requirements of our dynamic environment.

Suppliers will find that Purchasing presents many different faces at PetraSources. This depends on the type of materials and services, quantities, frequency of purchase, or user application. We deal with suppliers worldwide and with this large and varied supply base, we expect to use our standard Terms & Conditions in contracts. Ultimately, one point of view is constant - Purchasing is committed to procuring the highest quality materials/services, at the lowest total cost, with the best possible delivery, responsiveness, and technology available.

Management Team

The majority of purchasing decisions are handled on a corporate level. Our Management Teams focus on the strategic management of materials, equipment and services. The team is led by a specialist/manager and comprised of representatives from Purchasing, Quality, Material Control, and Engineering. Other functions such as Safety, Production, Training, Legal, and Finance contribute their expertise as needed. The team is jointly responsible for negotiation planning, supplier selection, and supplier evaluation. This synergistic approach to managing our sources of supply achieves:

  • Consolidated purchases with a reduced supplier base
  • National and worldwide contracts
  • Standardized equipment and processes
  • Competitive cost worldwide

Suppliers can expect to interact with one or several members of our team.