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To all current and potential PetraSources suppliers:

PetraSources is committed to supplying world class quality products and services to our customers in an increasingly competitive marketplace. We recognize that our suppliers play a critical role in achieving this commitment. In that spirit, we ask all PetraSources suppliers to work with us to create a new business culture that understands interdependence and fosters a framework of cooperation.

PetraSources requires many different goods and services to maintain our business. We actively seek suppliers whose objectives are compatible with ours: that is, a commitment to delivering the highest quality products, services and worldwide cost competitiveness in the marketplace. We especially value those suppliers who offer us new ideas through innovative technology or creative business techniques.

This site is designed to make it easier for current and potential suppliers to do business with PetraSources. It explains our purchasing organization, objectives, values, and policies. Due to the dynamic nature of our purchasing organization, we have provided a contact list for various departments to assist you with your inquiries. We also encourage you to take the time to create a detailed profile of your business using our online Supplier Intake Tool.

A steadfast commitment to our corporate values is the cornerstone of PetraSources success. Should we fail to live up to the standards described in this guide, we encourage you to contact us directly for a confidential review of the circumstances.

C.M. Hulsey - President